Power Line Markers

Bird Diverters & Hazing

Bird diverters from P&R Tech help birds see power lines and avoid potentially fatal collisions. They are proven to dramatically reduce avian fatalities and, along with hazing devices, prevent damage to facilities.

  • Millions of birds and bats are killed each year in collisions with power
    lines, guy wires, and other thin profile obstructions.
  • Utilities can be subject to large federal fines when protected species
    are killed.
  • Bird strikes also cause power outages.
  • Bird nests and droppings cause millions of dollars in damage each year
    to transformers and other electrical equipment.

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Power Line Markers

FireFly® HW Bird Diverter

Helps birds avoid power lines. Also hazes birds from substations and other structures. Developed by an avian biologist. Highly visible to birds from dawn to dusk. Easily installed by hand, hot stick, or from helicopter.

Starts at: $46.00
Power Line Markers

FireFly® FF Bird Diverter

Same as FireFly HW (see above), but spins & sways to enhance visibility. For use in light winds only. For sustained or higher winds, the FireFly HW provides a more durable solution.

Starts at: $51.00
Power Line Markers

BirdMark® BM-AG Bird Diverter

Lowest cost bird diverter solution for many applications. The 5.25” disk spins and flutters with air movement, and it glows after dark. Reflective center enhances visibility. Easy installation by hand or hot stick.

Starts at: $35.00
Power Line Markers

SpanGuard™ Bird Diverter

The only bird diverter designed for installation on live lines up to 500 kV. Aluminum, 12” dia., bright yellow to stand out in birds’ vision. Glows up to 10 hours after dark. Satisfies US Fish and Wildlife guidelines.

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Power Line Markers

FireFly® MET Bird Diverter

A specialized version of the FireFly bird diverter that attaches to the guy wires of met towers & similar obstructions. Effective at protecting birds and bats in flight from collisions with unseen obstructions.

Power Line Markers

FireFly® WM Bird Diverter

The FireFly WM is essentially the same as the FireFly FF, but it comes with a metal “L” bracket for mounting on wood structures. This configuration is primarily used to haze birds away from such structures.

Power Line Markers

Woodpecker Bird Hazing Device

Woodpeckers are very territorial, so they steer clear of wood utility poles when they see our painted metal woodpeckers on the scene! Choose from our new Northern Flicker Silhouette or the larger, original Pileated Woodpecker Silhouette.

Starts at: $64.00
Power Line Markers

RaptorWire™ Bird Hazing Device

A burst of splayed wires discourages birds from perching or building nests. Protects area above insulator strings and fills nesting holes in towers.

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Power Line Markers

BirdAway™ Bird Hazing Device

Mounts directly to wooden or metal cross arms in structures where birds roost. Durable spinner with reflective and glow-in-the-dark materials “nags” birds into roosting somewhere else.

Power Line Markers

SnapFast® Installation Tool

Quickly and safely install or remove bird diverters and low line markers that use SnapFast clamps. Installation tool attaches to a hot stick. Allows installation from ground or bucket.